Turf Reduction

turf removal

The turf reduction option is another way to lessen the use of water.  Let’s face it, not everyone is going to appreciate a completely grassless yard from the start.  Some of those who choose the grassless option are hesitant at first, but once they make the decision to move forward and tear out the last of their grass lawn, they are glad they did it.  Others, have tried everything to keep a healthy lawn and nothing has worked, so going grassless just made sense to them.

Turf Reduction to Save

Reducing the amount of square footage of your lawn is also a good way to lower your maintenance costs.  This option can also lower your water bill and replacement costs as well.  limiting grass to only small areas is one method, another is taking out large areas of turf and putting in planting beds.  Turf reduction should always be considered when putting in a new lawn.  There are many benefits to turf reduction other than just saving money.

Saving the Environment One Lawn at a Time

If you have a nice lawn, then keep it… until it needs replacing.  Large areas of dead turf are great places to place “island planting beds”.  This reduction in grass area will have an impact on the future of our environment (as little as you may think it will have) doing your part does make a difference.  Turf reduction programs are being implemented by communities in other parts of the country as well.  Everyone knows that there is a need for concern, but it takes a society to make the change.  You as an individual are part of that society.




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