Lawn Care

Here are some important factors on lawn care.

First, If you are looking to replace your lawn, you may be in the right place… if you want more grass to replace your dead grass… keep reading. If you think you are in the wrong place, you may be (if you want to waste your time and money). I hope I don’t offend anybody. That is not my intent at all, in fact, my goal is to win over your trust. I feel the best way to do this is to shoot straight and not lie to you.


I started my career maintaining lawns. My passion for the art of landscaping led me to explore the science of this industry early and the things I learned about it I will freely share with you.

June 1998

When it comes to keeping a healthy lawn, you need the basic elements that would keep any living thing alive. Food, Light, Love and most importantly Water.


Love is something that a mother gives best, so nature can give the best love a plant can get (if we don’t get in the way). Plant a shade loving plant in the open full sun and see what happens… you will become labeled in the plant world as a killer!


Food is something we all need to survive, so does your lawn. Your lawn can find its food even in a sandy base, if the composition is right, but if it was raised in rich soil and then you place it in poor soil, it will not be happy about it (and it will show you). Soil PH can make a lawn starve, even though you feed it fertilizer. That is something caused by an imbalance. If you have Oak trees or Pine trees, you may want to have your soil tested. These trees are acidic and their droppings mulched into the lawn could be causing an unbalanced soil PH.


Water is most important. Without this precious resource, we all die. Water is the essence of life here and everywhere else. Plants can survive without fertilizer, but not with out water. Watering restrictions across the state of Florida are in place for a reason, but the repercussions of them has many replacing their lawns prematurely. Lawn services and sod companies are okay with this… they only make more when you lose your lawn.


I decided long ago that I was done playing the game of “Who can blame who” and Who can do it for less”. This is a common problem for the homeowner… the confusion and frustration of being in your shoes led me to where I am at today.


If you want to know more about your lawn and why it keeps dying, the answer is SCIENCE. If you are tired of replacing your yard only to have to replace it again, the reason you will keep doing this over and over is science. Until you correct that, you will have more of what you are seeing.


I write articles about lawn care from time to time. If you have a question about your lawn, feel free to contact me and I will either have an answer for you, or I will do some research for you. If you have a great looking lawn… Awesome! Keep it and enjoy it (as long as it will last) but when its time, consider what many like you are doing and have done. Grassless yards are becoming more popular and the ones done by me are works of art!

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