About this Website

grassless landscape design

This website is merely to educate homeowners of their options regarding their lawn.  Many homeowners have tried to keep up with their Florida lawns with little luck.  The facts outweigh any amount of luck one can have.  What is needed mostly is not luck, but science.


Plants are living material that require water to survive.  Along with water they need nutrition and care.  Other factors that can get in the way are Soil composition and proper Soil PH.  There are too many things that most homeowners have no idea about and that may be the reason why there are so many lawns that need to be replaced year after year.  Not your you say?  …Well it will be your turn soon.


Everyone loves grass… right?  Sure…(except those who keep throwing their hard earned dollars into it to see everything turn brown again).  This may be because of a dozen or more reasons.


In this website you may find some answers to questions that you have been looking for.  If anything positive is to happen, at the very least you have to know the root of the problem.  The main issue here is a resource that is becoming harder and harder to produce, and with a growing population… it will only become more difficult to find in abundance …that resource folks is a element called WATER.


Water is the essence of life.  Without it we would all be dead… including your cat, dog, ferret, and gold fish (and even your lawn).  Many argue that using drought tolerant turf types like Bahia or Zoyzia can solve the problem…  they too need water.  The science of landscaping cannot be avoided.  Landscaping is a fine balance of Science and Art.  read deeper into this website and you will find an alternative to replacing your dead lawn again.


You can have a beautiful yard… even one your neighbors will envy!  You can also lower your maintenance costs and do your part to save your kids the grief of having to stand in line for water to drink.  Together as a society, we can make a difference in the future.  We can’t afford to turn a blind eye on this situation.  Too many problems have plagued our state to pretend it will all just go away.  If your lawn is dead or huge parts of it need to be replaced …again, consider the alternative and go grassless!


Florida Friendly Landscape Design