Benefits of Going Grassless…

The benefits of going grassless or reducing your turf lawn is something most people don’t know about.  So I wrote this article.  

Grassless Yard Design

I have been talking to many of my clients for years, on the subject of reducing turf areas, or removing the entire portion of grass left in their yard, and doing something different. My background experience and knowledge database comes from a maintenance company I had owned for many years prior, and many others I had worked for prior to that.

I developed a style of landscape design that didn’t require the need for grass, irrigation, fertilizers, or constant maintenance. I thought this might be an attractive idea for most people, as nobody seems to have the time to care for a nice lawn, and spending more money to maintain such a cheap element in the landscape didn’t make sense either.

Environmental and Ethical Costs

Growing a nice lawn requires a vital element that is the essence of all life… water. Unfortunately, this is not an unlimited resource. With a population of over seven billion (and growing daily), the world isn’t producing fresh water at that rate. Here in Florida, we are starting to see the aftermath from decades of irresponsible use of this very precious resource. Sinkholes are opening up all along Florida’s west coast and throughout the rest of the state. This is the result of over-pumping ground water. A sinkhole can reach a size to swallow an entire home over night (and has)!

Still, some tell me “I don’t worry about my water bill, I’m on a well.” Okay.. you are free from a meter, but your water comes from the same source… the ground. It is this mentality that has led to such bitter ends. I’m sure that the people who live next to a victim of a sinkhole understand the seriousness of this issue and value a green lawn a little less. For those who just don’t care or think it won’t happen to them… you are challenging nature. She ALWAYS wins.

A Low Maintenance Option

Going without grass isn’t as bad as it may sound. If you have kids or a dog, you may want to keep some, but reducing areas that serve no other purpose than mowing every week is a good start. Grassless yards are very low maintenance and can look great all year long without too much water or chemicals. Most can thrive on rain water alone. If designed well, these unique landscapes disperse the rain water to just the right areas and reduce runoff and provide great drainage!

Going Green Without the Heartache

Many people that have chosen this route to appease their homeowners association have found the benefits of going grassless far outweigh another replaced lawn. With strict watering restrictions, chemical and fertilizer bans, and the overall damage already done to our precious planet… our world needs heros. Those who have children and want the very best for them can appreciate a world with enough fresh water to drink. Sacrificing a lawn could be the best investment you will ever make. Those who have see the benefits almost instantly!