Go Grassless Florida!

grass-less front yard

Tired of mowing the lawn? Is the grass a foot tall again? How many times have you wished you didn’t have to pull out that lawn mower? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you are one of the lucky ones. Wait… did I say lucky? Yes… Lucky. The fact that you have a lawn to mow makes you the lucky one. Most people have a hard time keeping a healthy lawn. With all of the restrictions on water, fertilizers and other chemicals, Florida lawns are becoming more challenging to keep up with. Even if you have hired a service professional to manage your lawn, they too have an uphill battle with the basic factors that play a huge role in the overall health of your lawn.

Grassless yards are becoming popular as homeowners are having to replace their lawn more often than ever. Look for one in your neighborhood or start the trend!  Go grassless Florida!