Grassless Landscape Design


Grassless Landscaping

If you are looking for an alternative to a Florida grass yard, this may be the option you are looking for.  Many people that have chosen this route to appease their homeowners association have found the benefits of going grassless far outweigh another replaced lawn.  In fact, most see these benefits very early after the transition is complete.  Grassless Landscaping is more than just taking out the grass and replacing it with a few plants and mulch.  To do this the right way (and keep the HOA happy), you must follow the Florida friendly landscaping guidelines and do it in a way that is functional, attractive, and easy to maintain.  This may be more than one can handle.  It will require a balance of science and art to pull off.

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Go Grassless

Why consider a grassless landscape design? With all of the restrictions there are on water, fertilizers, and pest control chemicals… how on earth is one to keep a healthy lawn?  Tired of coming home to a reminder letter from your friendly neighborhood lawn squad to remind you that your lawn is brown again and it should be kept green?  What are you to do… BREAK THE LAW?  If you are only allowed to water once a week, and there is no rain in between your watering days are you to magically produce water?  The facts are grim, and the future doesn’t look any better.  If you could keep the weeds in place of the dead grass, your problems would be over, but most HOA’s want them gone too… but there is a solution …remove the lawn.

Grassless Landscaping

HOA Rules on Lawns

Can I do that?  That may be what you are thinking… Right?  Well, the answer is yes you can.  Florida law prohibits any homeowner association from not allowing you to follow the Florida friendly landscaping guidelines to restore your yard as an alternative to a grass lawn.  As a matter of fact, most city governments support that option.  Below is a video of the 2012 Water Wise Award winner, our client Steve Toenes.

Here is one good reason to Go Grassless…

Because too many others are wasting our fresh water in obscene amounts!  Do it for your children
and future generations. It is more than just having a pretty yard…

Did you say Low Maintenance?

If a pretty yard is what you are looking for, then how about a yard that looks beautiful all year and takes little effort to maintain?

This client was a dream come true for the Landscape Artist! The most important reason to Go Grassless with your landscape is to save water and reduce chemical runoff. Honey Rand is a water conservation activist and has been for many years. She has been actively involved in the fight, and continues to protect our environment and the conservation of our fresh water supply. Hear what she had to say of her experience with Sadree Landscape Design and the Landscape Artist.


Let’s face it folks, the time to start thinking of new ways to conserve water are behind us!  It is time to take serious action now.  Unless you want your children to be standing in long lines for water to drink (that could be where we are headed if nothing changes).  Water is not man made… THERE IS A LIMITED SUPPLY.



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